Reiki is an ancient form of natural healing. Rediscovered in the 1800’s in Japan, Reiki is easy to learn and easy to use. It is useful for stress reduction, emotional and physical healing and for spiritual growth. Reiki treatments are relaxing and comfortable, using gentle touch to transmit the energy. Reiki treatments are based on the body’s natural energy flow through major chakras (energy centers). Reiki is not taught as ordinary knowledge. It is transmitted through an initiation or attunement in which the Reiki Master, through touch and meditation, “attunes the new practitioner to become a channel for the Reiki energy.” A Reiki attunement is permanent. Once you have Reiki, you will always have Reiki. It will always be available to you.

In First Degree Reiki, you will receive an attunement and will learn the history of Reiki, learn about the body’s natural energy system (chakras), how to treat yourself and others, varied uses for Reiki, and the Principles of Reiki. You will practice giving treatments to yourself and another person and will receive a full treatment.

In Second Degree Reiki training, you will receive an attunement and will learn symbols that strengthen the flow of Reiki energy, focus the energy for mental and emotional healing and growth, and enable you to channel the Reiki energy at a distance. You will practice all the symbols and will provide and receive a distance treatment.

In Reiki Master Practitioner training, you will learn the master symbol that amplifies the Reiki energy and will learn how to incorporate the symbol into all your Reiki work. You will also learn advanced treatment techniques and procedures for creating a Reiki crystal grid.

Reiki Master/Teacher training prepares you to teach Reiki and to attune others to the Reiki energy. You receive additional symbols that are used in attunements of people, animals and objects. Extensive time is spent over several months in discussion and training.

All classes are offered in individual or group format and involve approximately 9 hours of training for each level, a few more for Master/Teacher level. Classes are informal and incorporate ample time for discussion and practice. The fee for First Degree Reiki training $100; Second Degree training, $150; Third Degree (Master Practitioner), $350; Master/Teacher training is $500.